Installing A New Water Well On Your Property

Water is an essential resource, and having access to quality drinking water is crucial for any home. Building a new water well is an option for meeting this need, but it is an investment that requires careful consideration.

Review The Depth And Size Of The Well

The depth and size of a water well are essential factors to consider when building a new well. The needed depth of the well depends on several factors, including the water table depth in the area. A deeper well can access more groundwater, which means more water supply for the property. However, drilling a deep well can be more expensive than drilling a shallow well. You must balance the needs between depth and cost of drilling the well.

The size of the well is another critical factor to consider. A well that is too small may be unable to accommodate a large enough pump for the home's needs, while a well that is too large can be unnecessarily expensive. The appropriate well size should be based on the property's water demand and usage patterns.

Be Thoughtful When Choosing A Pump

The selection of the right pump is crucial to ensure an efficient and reliable water supply from the well. The pump's power and capacity should be appropriate for the well's size and depth and the property's water demand.

Submersible pumps are a popular option for deep wells since they can pump water from great depths. However, a constant pressure pump is excellent for providing steady water pressure throughout the plumbing system. If you are unsure about the best pump for your system, a water well contractor can help you assess your options.

Install A Well Screen

Well screens are essential features that help to filter out sand, sediment, and other debris from the well water. A contractor can install them near the bottom of the well, and they prevent contaminants from entering the well. A well screen with small slot sizes may become clogged more quickly, but it can be far more effective at eliminating large impurities. Conducting a water quality test can help you understand the type of screen that your well needs.

Choose A Suitable Pressure Tank

The selection of the right pressure tank is crucial to ensure an efficient and reliable water supply from the well. The pressure tank is a well system component that helps regulate the water pressure. It stores water under pressure and delivers it to the property's plumbing system when needed. While this is a critical part of the well system, it can be easy for a homeowner to overlook it.

For additional well drilling tips, contact a local drilling service.

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