How Landscape Stone Delivery Works When You Need Flagstone For A New Patio Or Walkway

If you're building a patio or walkway out of flagstone pavers, you'll probably want the stones delivered since it would take a lot of work and multiple trips to haul that many stones home yourself. A landscape stone delivery service can bring the stones directly to your house and place them on your driveway so you can work on your project at your own pace. Here's how landscape stone delivery works.

Choose The Type Of Stone You Want

There are different types of flagstones, and they have different prices. Visit the landscaping company to see the types of stone in person and choose the ones you want. Also, consider how you'll embed the stones. You may also need soil and gravel delivered if you need to use them in your project.

Determine The Amount You Need

While you're at the landscaping company, you can have them help you determine how much flagstone you need. Measure the area where you'll put your patio or walkway and give the representative the measurements. Flagstone is sold by the pallet or ton. The representative will know how many square feet a pallet or ton will cover, and then they can calculate how much you should buy.

Decide Where To Put Your Delivery

You'll want the stones placed where it's convenient for you to access them and where they will be out of the way. The stones will probably be delivered in a big truck with a forklift attached. The truck stays in the street while the forklift lifts the stones on the pallet and places them on your driveway.

Since the forklift is fairly small, it can access areas where a big truck can't. This gives you more choices on where to place the pallet of stones. However, due to the weight of the stones and the forklift combined, the driver may not be able to take your stones through your yard and deliver them in the back. That might tear up your yard too much.

If you're also having soil or gravel delivered, you'll need a place for those too. Both soil and gravel are dumped in a pile on your driveway, so be sure you choose a spot where they'll be out of the way of where you park and drive into your garage since the stones and gravel may be sitting on your driveway for some time.

A flagstone patio and walkway are beautiful additions to your property and a fun DIY project to undertake. Since you can have your landscape stones delivered, it's easy to buy all of your supplies and get started. For more information on landscape stone delivery, contact a company near you.

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