Landscaping Tips For The Holidays

Pruning, weeding, and cutting grass are a few basic ways to prepare your landscaping for holiday visitors. If you would like to 'wow' your friends and family this holiday season, use lighted pathways, decorated trees, and potted foliage to enhance your property's landscaping.

Festive Pathway Lights

Sweep and rinse off the pathways that already comprise your residential landscaping. If there are any concrete slabs or brickworks that are cracked or that have shifted, use a patching kit to repair hardscaping materials and manually or mechanically move any of the hardscaping materials that aren't lined up properly.

Pathway lights will turn your front or back yard into a 'magical' area that will prompt your guests to eagerly traverse your property. Light poles can be installed along each side of a pathway. Some holiday lighting products may be designed to look like candy canes or other festive adornments. If you choose to invest in plain poles, use solid-colored or multi-colored light strands to decorate each pole.

Pruned And Decorated Trees

Hire a landscaper to prune the branches of evergreens and other tree species that are growing on your land. A landscaper can be hired to apply a brightly-colored blanket of mulch around the base of each tree. Use a series of holiday ornaments to trim each tree that you would like to draw attention to.

Purchase ornaments that are bold colors or that feature a shiny surface that will draw attention to the foliage that the decorations are hung from. If you would like the trees to coincide with the other holiday lights that you have chosen to use to light pathways, purchase additional light strands and use them to accent parts of each tree.

Potted Foliage For The Holidays

The colder months of the year will likely not support planting new foliage, but will not hold you back from displaying potted plants. Potted plant varieties that are hardy and resistant to plummeting temperatures can be used to create a custom holiday display. Red and green planters can be used to promote a festive vibe.

Holiday bows, twinkling lights, and ribbons can be used to adorn each plant that you decide to add to a colorful pot. Use the potted foliage to decorate your front porch or the steps leading up to it. If you and your visitors will be spending some time outdoors, line your patio or deck with the potted foliage that you have selected.

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