5 Landscaping Situations A French Drain Can Fix

A french drain quietly handles moisture issues in the landscaping. The simplest form is little more than a gravel-filled trench, but most modern versions include a perforated drain pipe within the trench to better route water off your property. French drains aren't visible when properly installed, so they don't detract from your yard's appearance. 

1. Elevation Issues

If your yard sits lower than your neighbor's or if it is at the base of a slope, runoff from nearby higher elevations can accumulate in the landscaping. Elevation issues often result in wet, boggy lawns and trees that suffer from root rot. Installing a french drain around the perimeter of your property or at the base of the slope can route away the drainage before it reaches your lawn.

2. Wet Climate

In areas with frequent seasonal rainstorms or lots of spring snow melt, the excess moisture can flood a yard and ruin your landscaping. French drains aren't just for year around drainage problems, they work equally as well for seasonal water issues. Your installer will determine the best locations to install the drains so that they can route away the bulk of the unwanted water.

3. Waterway Incursion

For those that live near lakes, the ocean, rivers, or streams, waterway incursion can be a huge problem in the yard. Excess moisture from these bodies of water can saturate the soil for a fair distance from the source. The water incursion may only occur periodically, such as when a river is running high or during a spring king tide season, or it may be a year-round challenge. Either way, french drains can solve the problem.

4. Foundation Puddling

Sometimes the problem isn't with rainwater hitting the ground, but with it flowing off your roof. Water can collect in the soil near the foundation, creating a puddling effect that increases the chances of a foundation leak. Your drain technician may recommend installing a french drain around the perimeter of your home. Combining french drains with roof guttering can completely eliminate foundation puddling issues. 

5. Soil Challenges

Heavy clay soil tends to hold on to moisture all too well. This can lead to wet conditions and constantly shifting soil. While amending the soil with sand and organic matter can help a bit, a quicker and more effective solution is to install drainage in the areas where the water tends to collect the heaviest.

Contact a french drain installation contractor if your yard would benefit from additional drainage.

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