Creative Landscaping: Retaining Wall Ideas

Combining your natural landscape with the materials used to construct a retaining wall will increase the curb appeal of your property. The following suggestions can be used to amplify the use value of a retaining wall. 

Herbs And Flowers

A retaining wall can be used to create a border across the front or side of your yard. A mix of concrete blocks and patio pavers can be used to create an earth-toned wall. Cap pieces that contain indentations can be used to plant herbs or flowers across the top of the wall.

Adding soil directly to the top of the wall will also support the growth of herbs or flowering plants. The addition of herbs will lightly scent your property with some alluring aromas. The addition of flowers will add a pop of color to the wall. The contractor you hire will show you various wall configurations that will be supportive of the addition of plants.

A Border For A Stairway

If your home sits on top of a sloped portion of land, you may be trying to determine a way to use the sloped area. The addition of steps is one way that you can optimize your property. Retaining wall sections that are installed on either side of a series of steps will provide the new steps with a definitive outline.

A series of wooden beams or bricks can be used to create each wall section. First, an excavation contractor will need to carve out a series of steps. Then, they will prepare the land alongside each step. The retaining wall sections will be anchored into the earth and will contrast with the color of the grass or dirt that comprises the sloped area.

A Support Structure For Climbing Vines

A retaining wall can be used as the backdrop for a series of climbing vines. Deep green-colored leaves and flowers that comprise each vine plant will contrast with the textures and colors of the materials that are used to construct a retaining wall. You will need to decide where it will be beneficial to add a wall and vine plants.

A wall can be installed along an area where your patio furniture is set up or adjacent to your garden or another natural feature on your property. After the wall is constructed, vine plants can be planted directly into the ground. Each plant should be several inches away from the wall.

Contact a local landscape service, such as Sculptured Earth, to learn more. 

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