Guidelines to Handle Fallen Trees After a Hurricane

Hurricanes cause massive damage to the environment. One of the ways that they might hurt your surroundings is by causing tree damage. If the rainfall and wind speeds are high, they will uproot weak trees. Knocked-over trees will block roads, damage your roof, and make it impossible to operate in your environment until you remove them. Consider some top guidelines to help you handle fallen trees after a hurricane. 

Secure Your Family

The first step after a hurricane that has felled trees is to ensure everyone is safe. In the case where the tree fell on the house, try and evacuate everyone because the roof can collapse. If the tree touched the power lines on the way down, switch off the power at the main to prevent it from causing a fire. You can have the family spend some time in a hotel or with family and friends as you coordinate the tree removal and home restoration. 

Contact the Insurer

Before taking other steps, you should contact your insurer about the damage caused by the hurricane. The best time to take photos of the fallen tree and the surrounding environment is before anyone has tampered with it. You can assess your home insurance policy to see whether it covers storm damage. If your insurer does, they might also be in a position to compensate you for the tree removal and cleanup service. If they do not cover storm damage, you will have to find other means to repair the losses that will result from the removal process. 

Speak to the Tree Removal Pros

The second step in the process should be communicating with a local tree removal service. The experts understand the importance of taking immediate action after a tree falls due to storm damage. They can also come to your home and assess trees before they fall. It will help them determine which trees are too weak to withstand another bout of inclement weather. Timely elimination of the weakened trees might help protect them from falling when least expected and damaging your property. They will give you a tree removal quotation, and if the tree has completely uprooted itself, they will remove it and clean up. They might recommend grinding or excavation if the stump and roots are intact. 

Speak to professionals about the tree removal process if your trees get damaged in a storm. They will help you resolve the issue in a quick and stress-free manner. 

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