Organic Lawn Care Tips For Beginners

You may have always used traditional methods to care for your lawn, including commercial pesticides and other chemicals and tools that are potentially damaging to the environment. However, you are ready to make the switch to a more organic method of caring for your lawn, but you are not sure where to start. Luckily, it isn't complicated or even expensive to practice organic lawn care. Here are a few simple tips to help you grow a beautiful, organic lawn.

Switch to An Organic Fertilizer or Try Compost

One of the easiest ways you can grow a more environmentally friendly lawn is to choose an organic fertilizer. The difference between organic and inorganic fertilizers is that organic products use ingredients that will degrade naturally because they are made from natural materials, including ground bone, manure, guano, or crushed fish. Read the manufacturer's instructions before applying organic fertilizers, and these products will have a different application rate than other types of fertilizers.

If you want to save money and reduce the waste in your home, you can also make compost from the food scraps you consume. Compost requires the use of certain food materials and typically takes several weeks or months before you can yield enough compost to fertilize a large portion of your yard. However, it is worth the effort to reduce your usage of dangerous chemical fertilizers.

Purchase a More Environmentally Friendly Lawn Mower

Many homeowners rely on gas-powered lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and other lawn tools to keep their grass looking great. However, while these tools can be convenient, they also consume fossil fuels, and if you spill gasoline, it can cause serious damage to your lawn and the ground beneath. Instead, consider turning in your gas-powered mower or trimmer for a manual, electric, or battery-powered unit.

These types of environmentally friendly tools are becoming more readily available and will help reduce your usage of dwindling fossil fuels.

Save and Spread Your Precious Grass Clippings

Instead of mulching your grass clippings or throwing them into the garbage, save your clippings and use them to reseed your lawn. In addition to making your lawn look fuller in areas where the grass is sparse, grass clippings are a free and organic way to help your grass grow, which will save you money on purchasing additional grass seed. Make sure to spread the clippings when they are fresh for the best results.

From switching to organic fertilizer to spreading your grass clippings, there are several ways you can start to grow an organic lawn. For more tips, contact an organic lawn care service near you.

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