5 Factors Affecting The Typical Fence Installation

When a fence installer starts a project, they and the customer need to think well beyond the notion of what sort of fence will go where. If you're preparing to install a fence, be aware of these four issues that may affect the project's success.

Local Regulations

You don't want to complete a fence installation only to have a code enforcement officer tell you to rip up and relocate everything. Check with your local government to learn about the rules regarding how far the fence can be from the edge of the property. Likewise, learn how high you can build a fence. Also, you may have to get additional approvals if you're a member of a homeowners association.

Never expect the fence installer to know these things. Even if they've performed thousands of installations, they can't know the rules for every municipality, township, and neighborhood. You may need to conduct a survey once you know the regulatory limits to ensure the fence installation won't be problematic.

Materials and Environmental Issues

Especially when it comes to the kind of fence you'll install, the climate on your property will affect the project. If you live in a region with lots of pollution or salty sea air, for example, you'll probably want to avoid metal materials that may corrode. Similarly, certain woods may not hold up well in rainy regions.

Your choice of materials will also affect the design and costs of the fence. Metal and wood products are especially vulnerable to fluctuations in commodities prices. Similarly, some products, such as prefabricated composites, are less customizable.

Topography and Slope

Even in a fairly flat part of the country, the topography of a property can affect a fence installation. The slope of hills, in particular, can be troublesome. You will have to decide if you want fencing that conforms to the slope or goes down in steps, for example. This is especially true where steep slopes present problems. In extreme cases, customers may want to disconnect at large drop-offs and resume their fences where things level out better.


People put up very different fences for different purposes. A short picket fence can be a great choice for aesthetics, but it won't serve to keep wildlife off the property, for example. Similarly, a chain-link fence serves a very different purpose than a privacy fence. Choose the purpose of the fence before you select the type. A fence installer can point you toward the right solution for your goals.

Contact a fence installer in your area if you have any additional questions about fence installation

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