5 Benefits Of Professional Sod Installation

If you are considering sod installation as a solution for an instant green lawn, consider the benefits of professional installation. The results are sure to be beautiful and nearly instantaneous. 

1. Improved Site Prep

A successful sod lawn in many ways depends on what you do before the sod itself even arrives at your home. A professional installation service will test your soil before the sod is due to be delivered so that they can add any necessary amendments or starter nutrients to the site before putting down the sod. Further, they will prepare the soil by tilling and grading the lawn so that the sod can establish roots in the ground much more quickly than it would otherwise. 

2. Quicker Installation

The trained installers from a sod company will be able to put in the sod much more quickly than an inexperienced homeowner. Further, there will likely be multiple installers on-site, so many hands will also increase installation speed. The sooner sod is laid after delivery, the less stress it will suffer, and the more likely that the grass will survive and quickly root, as well. 

3. Better Rooting

Laying sod over prepared soil isn't sufficient to encourage quick and healthy rooting of the sod. The bottom of each strip of sod also needs to be in full contact with the soil beneath. The pros use a heavily weighted lawn roller after sod installation to make sure the strips are pressed down so the roots are in full contact with the soil beneath. This results in better rooting and less chance of sod failure.

4. Less Waste

Professional installers have developed an eye for installing the pre-cut strips of sod in a manner that minimizes waste. They are much more efficient when it comes to cutting the strips and fitting the small end pieces together to fill in the odd spots around your yard so that very little of the sod that you purchase goes to waste. 

5. Fewer Challenges

Many lawns have a few challenges when it comes to sod installation. Slopes, for example, can be difficult for an amateur to sod without leaving gaps or losing some sod to erosion. A pro will have the experience to lay the sod in a manner that is proof against erosion, as well as knowing when stakes may need to be used to prevent the sod from washing away. 

Contact a sod installation service, like Bayside Sod Inc., if you would like some help with putting in your new lawn.

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