Lawn Maintenance 101: Reseeding Tips For Success

When it comes to enjoying a lush, beautiful lawn, one of the things that you may decide to do is have the property aerated and reseeded. Sometimes, this seeding process is necessary to help fill in sparse growth, dead patches, and other similar issues. However, for homeowners who are new to the process, it's important that you understand how to get the best results from that treatment. Here's a look at what you need to know about caring for your lawn after aerating and seeding it.

Keep Off The Grass

The most important thing to remember when you've had your yard aerated and seeded is that you need to stay off the grass. Grass seed needs to be left undisturbed for it to be able to germinate, and packing down the soil beneath it by stepping on it will disrupt that process. Make sure that nobody walks on the area that you've had aerated and seeded until that grass is well established. Sometimes this means having to treat your yard in sections, especially if you have animals that you need to let out in the yard periodically.

Water It Properly

A common mistake that people make when they have the yard aerated and seeded is overwatering. In fact, when you water your yard too much and too fast, you'll actually risk washing away that grass seed before it has a chance to settle in.

Instead, you'll want to apply the water gently, using a nozzle hose attachment or a trickle-irrigation system. Water the soil to about a quarter or half-inch depth, keeping it moist but not saturated.

In addition, plan to water it in the morning, not when you get home from work. Watering in the morning gives the soil a chance to absorb water, allow for evaporation, and dry out before the next day. If you water in the evenings, that moisture will sit in the soil overnight and can cause fungus growth.

Wait To Cut

It will take your seeded lawn several weeks to be fully established. Allow the grass to germinate and grow for at least a few weeks before you consider cutting it. This gives the root system plenty of time to anchor itself so that your grass will thrive even after that first mowing. If you're not sure whether your grass is safe to mow, reach out to your lawn maintenance contractor to have them check it out for you.

These are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to lawn maintenance basics for restoring grass cover. Talk with your landscape and lawn maintenance contractor today for more tips and support.

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