Three Benefits Of Landscaping Around Your Utility Box

If you have an electrical utility box somewhere in your front yard, you might be considering doing some landscaping around it. A local landscaper can visit your property and make some suggestions about how to landscape around the box in a way that will tie into the overall look of your yard. There are all sorts of projects that you can consider, including planting a garden around the box, lining one or more sides of it with shrubs, and more. Here are three benefits that you'll experience upon doing some landscaping around your utility box.


People often look for ways to conceal their utility boxes from sight. Electrical utility boxes can often be an eyesore in your yard. If you're fed up with looking out your front windows and seeing the box, landscaping can help. Thick foliage at the perimeter of the box can essentially eliminate it from your view when you're in the home. While you can't completely conceal all four sides of the box because your local utility company will periodically need to access it, you can still conceal it from view from your house.

Keep Kids At Bay

Children should not play on or around electrical utility boxes, but you may occasionally find that your kids are tempted to climb on this structure. If you're having trouble keeping them off the box, various landscaping projects can help. For example, if you hire a landscaper to build a flower garden around the box, your kids may be less tempted to play in this area because of the flowers that are underfoot. Most kids will know that they should stay out of flower gardens, which will likely encourage your children to choose a different part of the yard in which to play.

Prevent Damage

Landscaping the area around your utility box can also reduce the risk of you inadvertently causing damage to it with your lawnmower. If you're concerned about running into the edge of the box and denting it when you cut your lawn, there are several landscaping projects that will remove the lawn from the area immediately around the box. This way, each time you cut your grass in the future, you won't need to get your lawnmower too close to the box.

Reach out to a local professional who offers landscaping services to discuss this project and get their recommendations about what designs might work well in this part of your yard.

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