Factors To Consider When Buying Ride-On Mowers

If you have a large piece of property, a ride-on lawnmower will be an excellent investment. These mowers are easy to operate, long-lasting, and simplify the mowing experience. Here's a guide on what you should consider when shopping for a ride-on mower for lawn care.

Type of Ride-on Mower

There are two major ride-on mowers: tractor-style lawnmowers and zero-turn radius machines.  Tractor-style lawnmowers are suited for properties with fewer garden beds, trees, and other obstructions. These mowers are controlled using pedals and a steering wheel.

The zero-turn radius mower is easy to maneuver when compared to lawn tractors. You can turn on the spot and don't need a turning circle, as is the case with lawn tractors. If you want a ride-on mower that's more efficient at reaching every inch of your lawn quickly, this is your best choice. These mowers are controlled using left-right steer-drive handles.


Ride-on mowers can either be manual or automatic. A manual transmission gives you better control and is ideal for you if you're dealing with a yard that requires a lot of maneuvering. Manual transmission is also suited for buyers who are on a tight budget. 

An automatic transmission gives you a more comfortable experience than a manual transmission. It allows you to slow down, speed up, or even reverse without having to change gears. Some models even have cruise control to make long mowing activities more comfortable. Automatic models are also preferred because they're safer to operate.

Grass Disposal

Ride-on mowers can also be classified according to whether they operate with a standard catcher or an onboard mulcher. Catching is suited for small lawns. You may also opt for a standard catcher if you notice signs of lawn disease like fungus. For this reason, your grass clippings need to be collected and disposed of to prevent the spread of the fungus.

Mulching works better for bigger yards. You don't want to be running to the bin every few minutes, and this is why a ride-on mower with an onboard mulcher will be the best choice. Mulching is also a great option if you don't want to waste nutrients that have gone into your grass.

Try Before You Buy

Another thing you should do when buying a ride-on lawnmower is take it for a test drive. Hop on to the mower and familiarize yourself with the bearings. Determine whether the seat is comfortable.

It would be best if you also tried the controls. Determine whether they're easy to use and if any foot pedal can be reached without stretching. Check how easy it's to remove, empty, and replace the catcher or mulch plug. Also, check whether the levers or steering wheel are at a comfortable angle and height. 

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