Landscaping With Rock: A Brief Guide

If you are looking for a way to incorporate some character to your yard that is incredibly shaded or doesn't do well with plants, then you should consider using rock in the landscape. The great thing about rocks is that you can do so much with them. You can combine the rocks with so many things to make your yard look great. For instance, rocks can serve as an inorganic mulch and be used with flowers, succulents, shrubs, and trees. Rocks are an environmentally friendly option that helps to conserve water, minimize fertilizer use, and reduce landscape maintenance. Keep reading to learn how you can design a landscape with rocks and how to install the rocks in your landscape.

Design Ideas with Rocks

While rocks may be more costly than wood mulch, there are numerous benefits to using gravel. For instance, rocks will last much longer. In fact, you can expect gravel to last as long as your garden. In addition, most rocks are a pale color, which can serve as a striking contrast to the color of your flowers and shrubs.

If you have flower beds in your yard, then you can use rocks to create a border around them. You can either lay the rocks around the flower beds, or you can create a raised border with the rocks. Either way, the stone edging will help to anchor your flowers and provide them with a sense of stability. A border can also be created with pebbles or other types of rocks around your patio, deck, or fence to help separate it from the rest of the yard.

Incorporating Rocks in the Landscape

As soon as you have decided how you want to incorporate the rocks into your landscape, you will want to make sure that you do it the right way. First, you need to ensure that the area where the rocks are going is prepped properly. To do this, you need to remove any weeds, grass, and other plants—including the roots. If there is any vegetation left behind, you may want to spray some herbicide to kill it out.

Next, you should cover the ground with landscape fabric, as this will prevent weeds from coming up through the rocks later on. In addition, the fabric will minimize erosion, keeping the rocks from sinking into the soil. If your plan is to add plants, make sure to cut an "X" into the fabric and pin back the flaps prior to planting in the soil. As soon as you have all of your plants in the ground, you can begin to install your rocks.

If you need assistance with coming up with ideas or installing rocks in your landscape, contact a professional landscape service in your local area, like K&K Landscape Service.

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