Recommendations To Care For Your Yard Trees Through Their Lifetime

Trees can provide a great deal of majestic beauty and environmental benefits to your yard and the surrounding community. However, caring for your trees in the right manner is necessary whether you are planting new trees, maintaining existing trees, or managing aging trees. Here are some recommendations to help you as you care for your yard trees and know when to hire professional tree services.

Provide Proper Tree Care

To keep your yard trees in good health and your property's value protected, you will need to care for your trees and to keep an eye out for their health. Yard trees growing on your property need to be pruned to keep their growth managed, otherwise they can grow up into your home's roof and exterior. And if you have fruit trees in your yard, they will need a particular type of pruning service to help maximize their production potential and to get sizable fruit. 

If you are planning to plant a new tree in your yard, consult with your professional arborist about its best placement. Based on the type of tree and its mature size, you can plan for its proximity to your home and other outside buildings. Then, look at your yard's placement based on the sun's directional exposure for optimal growth for your tree. For example, you don't want to play a tree that requires full sun to be placed on the northern side of your house that does not get a lot of direct sunlight. Your arborist will recommend a health evaluation for your new trees and their growth needs for the upcoming years. 

Arrange Safe Removal

There will be times in your life as a property owner that a tree will need to be removed and cut down. This can be for a variety of reasons when the tree cannot be saved by professional tree care. For example, if a tree is dead or dying, or is growing up into power lines on your property or into your home's structure, it should be removed by a professional arborist. 

A certified arborist for hire will be able to evaluate a tree's condition to see if it needs to be removed or if they can provide treatments to salvage it. They will also be able to safely remove the tree to protect you and your property from injury and damage. Then with a diseased, dead, or obstructive tree out of the way, they will remove the limbs from your property. Ask them about mulching options with the tree limbs to provide organic and soil-beneficial mulch to your property.

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