Hire A Hardscape Contractor To Build A Bridge In These Areas

Hardscape structures can dramatically improve the look and even the functionality of your yard. While structures such as patios and retaining walls can augment this space, don't hesitate to think about what other structures an experienced hardscape contractor can build for you. A bridge is one structure that you might wish to consider for your yard. In addition to providing beauty, the bridge can improve the ease with which you navigate your yard. Here are three areas that can benefit from the addition of a bridge.


If you have a pond in your yard, you might wish to give some thought to hiring a hardscape contractor to build a bridge over it. This can especially be worthwhile if the pond is large, but its shape may also warrant the addition of a bridge. For example, if the pond is long and narrow, a bridge over the middle of it can be handy because it can save you from having to walk all the way around the entire structure. Having a bridge over the pond can be fun if you have children or grandchildren, especially if you keep fish in the pond. You may enjoy standing with the children on the bridge and dropping food over the edge into the pond to feed the fish.


People often associate bridges with water, but there's nothing wrong with thinking about how a bridge might complement a water-free part of your yard, too. One example to consider is a garden. Depending on the position and size of your garden, you may spend a lot of time having to walk around its perimeter, when it might be quicker and easier to cut through it. There are many ways that you can add a shortcut through a garden, and one option is a small bridge over it. The bridge doesn't need to be tall — a small walkway elevated off the ground can be adequate.

Downspout Drainage Path

Give some thought to the water that runs out of your gutter downspouts after periods of heavy rain. If the water leaves a certain area of your yard saturated to the point that you don't want to walk across it, a bridge might be a good idea. It will allow you to cross over this wet area without getting your shoes wet, which will improve the functionality of your yard. Ask your hardscaping contractor to show you images of his or her past bridge builds so that you can choose a design that suits you. 

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