Yard Improvements You Can Make To Reduce Soil Erosion And Keep Down Weeds And Mud

The property around your home is a real piece of property and dirt, which you can improve upon in many ways with decorative vegetation, walkways, an outdoor deck, and many other additions. Instead of leaving your property to become overgrown with weeds, look into making the improvements to your yard to add to your enjoyment while you spend time in your own outdoor space. Here are some improvements you can make to your yard and landscaping for both better dust and mud control, as well as a better appearance and reduction in weeds.

Supplement Landscaped Mulch Covering

In between your home and your carefully maintained lawn is a great spot for decorative landscaping and bedding areas. Within this section of soil, it is attractive and popular to build up the soil to create a visual slope, then plant your favorite selection of rose bushes, shrubbery, flowers, and trees. But around this vegetation is a section of soil that you want to keep looking its best without the ugly growth of weeds. Weeds not only detract from the appearance of fresh rich soil, but they steal nutrients and moisture from your landscape vegetation. 

A barrier of chocolate brown mulch of wood chips applied over the surface of your soil and around your landscaping plants is the perfect way to protect the soil and your plants. Wood chip mulch will help hold moisture into the soil and prevent excessive weed growth. And if weeds do make their way to grow in the soil below, the mulch makes their roots shallow and easier to pull from the soil. 

Wood chips are an excellent soil mulch because as they decompose, they add essential and important nutrients back into the soil. This helps improve the soil and your vegetation will grow better.

Add Gravel Paving

A backyard with plenty of lawn bordered by chocolate brown wood mulch is a standard for many yards, but when you need to pave your yard to use for your vehicles and ATV and RV parking, a good go-to material is gravel. Gravel is a more budget-friendly paving material for your yard in relation to concrete and asphalt, and it comes in a variety of materials and colors. You can select a gravel to cover your dirt side yard in pea sized gravel, more angular crushed gravel for better compaction, or a decorative basalt or quartz to provide contrast and visual interest.

Be sure you prepare the site for a durable layer of gravel several inches thick by removing some of the soil on the site. Then cover the base with a landscape fabric to help keep down weeds and dust from making its way up to the surface of the gravel.

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