Irrigation System Variables That Can Drastically Affect Overall Performance

If you want a landscape that is green and pristine, you need a steady and reliable supply of water, and an irrigation system is the best way to make that happen. If you are in the process of buying your own irrigation system and having it installed with the help of a pro, it is a good idea if you know what variables make the biggest difference. You will be faced with a lot of options, such as what sprinkler heads you want and how many water distribution lines should be installed.

Here is a look at some of the irrigation system variables that can make the biggest difference:

The Diameter of the Water Distribution Lines 

The diameter of the water distribution lines is something that needs to be carefully considered when you pick out your irrigation system. Many homeowners want to lean toward the option of smaller lines because they are easier to install and seem as if they wouldn't use as much water. However, smaller lines can actually have a negative effect on the overall performance of the irrigation system. For example, thin-diameter water lines can actually cause water pressure to be too high when it hits the sprinkler head, which can cause damage and change spray patterns. 

The Sprinkler Heads You Choose for the System

Take special care and follow the guidance of the irrigation service professional when you pick out your sprinkler heads. Yes, this is the part of the system that is visible, so aesthetics are important, but it is most important that the sprinkler heads function well and function how you expect them to. You may be tempted to go with a very conservatively sized sprinkler head to keep them inconspicuous, for example. However, smaller heads may be more prone to having issues with water flow. 

The Number of Pipes and Heads You Have Installed 

The more water lines and sprinkler heads you have in your irrigation system, the better it typically performs. But, there can be limitations to this statement. If you choose a higher number of lines and sprinkler heads and water supply in your area is not all that substantial, you can see problems with low water pressure. Likewise, if you don't have enough lines and heads, it can generate other problems. The irrigation service professional will give you an idea of how many water lines and sprinkler heads you need, and it is best to follow their guidelines. 

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