Using Blankets To Stop Soil Erosion

Erosion control blankets are useful tools because they can cover soil that is vulnerable to erosion while simultaneously allowing for emergent vegetation. Grass can be seeded and the erosion control blankets can then be used until the roots have become dense enough that they can provide adequate erosion control. The blankets are able to decompose and release nutrients into the soil so that they no longer interfere with the growth of vegetation.

Benefits of Erosion Control Blankets

Water can more easily seep into the soil after a good rain thanks to erosion control blankets. This ensures that the erosion control blanket doesn't interfere with the growth of the vegetation.

Soil crusting and compaction become less common when erosion control blankets are used. When crusting develops, the top layer of the soil becomes very hard and compact, while the rest of the soil is softer.

When to Use Them

Erosion control blankets are not intended for all situations. For example, such a blanket is best used for short-term applications where the erosion is not very severe. It is best used in flat areas such as athletic fields and flat shoreline areas. 

Satisfying Construction Permits

The benefit of erosion control blankets is that they allow construction to satisfy the requirements for obtaining a construction permit. For example, those seeking construction permits often need to lay down erosion control blankets within a time frame after the construction has ceased.

Working near public waters can also lead to a requirement that construction workers use soil stabilization methods satisfied by erosion control blankets. They may also be needed around special waters and impaired waters. Stabilization means that the soil will be converted using the appropriate materials so that soil erosion ceases.

Maintaining Blankets

In addition to putting the blankets in place, it's also necessary for the blankets to be inspected periodically to make sure that they have not moved. It's especially important to inspect the blankets to make sure they remain in place on steep slopes. The blanket should not be bulging or plants may struggle to find their way out from under the blankets. If this is the case, more stakes need to be added. If there is sagging, more anchors need to be installed as soon as possible. If there are animal species that might be disrupted by the blankets, use shorter blankets. But when the blankets are used properly, they will effectively combat erosion.

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