Landscaping Services To Boost The Health And Appearance Of Your Yard's Vegetation

Your yard and its landscaping can be considered your home's crowning glory; the better it looks, the better your home's appearance and value improve. Because the inverse is true in a property, you don't want to allow your landscaping vegetation to look worn, diseased, and neglected. Here are some professional services you can hire to help the health and appearance of your home's exterior landscaping.

Tree Trimming and Care

The trees in your yard provide shade, add beauty, and help the environment in many ways, so the healthy trees you have in your yard can be beneficial to your property. If you have any fruit trees, they can provide additional benefits with annual fresh fruit for you to enjoy. But if a tree grow too large and hangs over your home or is at risk of getting tangled in nearby power lines, you should look into trimming the tree.

A tree professional can determine which branches on your trees need removal to keep the trees' remaining fullness and beauty. For example, some tree limbs can die off from a hard winter or due to being damaged in a windstorm and will need to be safely cut from the tree.

A tree professional can ascertain a tree's health and make sure to only cut the limbs necessary to benefit the tree's health. For example, the professional can remove the limbs hanging over your home to reduce the chance of your home being damaged if the limb breaks and falls in a storm.

Look to hire a tree service company that provides the services of a licensed tree arborist, who will take the time and use their knowledge to make decisions based on the health of your tree. They can also help you diagnose and treat a diseased tree that would be at risk of removal. You can save a tree in your yard with the right treatments without losing its age and beauty.

Pest Control

The control and removal of harmful pests in your yard is also an important part of keeping a healthy yard. For example, if a tree in your yard becomes infested with insects, this can be a sign the tree is diseased or is at risk of dying due to the overwhelming amount of insects. As another example, moles can be a very damaging pest to your yard as they burrow tunnels under your lawn and trees, causing the trees to die and damage your entire yard. 

Talk to a professional pest control service like Treetime Inc about an estimate and recommendations to treat each individual type of pest problem in your yard. An insect infestation may require a removal of a diseased tree or only treatment to its branches if the tree is otherwise healthy. A mole infestation removal can require a more involved treatment with traps and pesticides to remove the pests.

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