How To Give Your Asphalt Drive A Face Lift

Are you tired of your asphalt driveway bringing down the curb appeal of your landscaping, but the cost of replacing the drive is out of your budget? If so, don't despair. There are many options still available to you to give your driveway a facelift without the high price tag. The following guide can help.

Schedule a hot patch repair

If you have cracks, potholes, or low spots on your asphalt, then a patch is necessary. The do-it-yourself patching compounds at hardware stores are cold patches, which will crumble and fall apart in a short period of time. Instead, have a professional hot patch installed. The technician will clean out the crack and then heat it up until the asphalt is malleable. Then, they will pour in hot asphalt, which will fuse with the existing asphalt to create a seamless repair.

Fix crumbling edges

Crumbling edges will lead to greater problems over time, such as cracks and water seeping beneath the drive. Plus the crumbling is unsightly. There's a couple of options for repairs, including hot patches in some cases when the damage isn't too bad. For severe crumbling, begin by cleaning up the edge. You can also have the rough edge cut away for a smoother edge. Then, to prevent future crumbling, install concrete or brick curbing around the edges of the asphalt. Crumbling usually occurs because of weight on the edges of the driveway, so avoid driving on the very edge after you are finished with the repairs.

Refresh the surface

Old asphalt can look dull. Patches and stains may also give it an ugly, mottled appearance. Sealcoating is the act of applying a thin coat of asphalt followed with a sealant over the surface of the drive. This seal coat will even out most stains and discolorations, making the driveway look almost new again. Further, the seal coat process also protects the drive against weather damage and some staining. To prevent staining in the future, avoid parking cars that are leaking fluid on the drive. Also, have a fresh seal coat applied every one to three years to make sure the drive stays protected.

Whether you only need to perform a couple of these methods or all three, you will end up spending less than having the driveway replaced. A well-maintained asphalt driveway can last for as long as you live in your home. Contact an asphalt repair and sealcoating service for more help.

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