Want To Please Your Cats? 3 Projects Worth Taking On In The Landscape

If you own a home, you may have invested in a few projects and purchases to help make your cats happy. Putting up shelves around the house may provide your cats with access to high places, but you may want to go above and beyond by working on the landscape. Keeping your cats in mind throughout this process will help you take on projects that improve their quality of life.

Hiring professionals is an excellent way to make sure the execution goes smoothly.

Wild Animals

The first thing that you may want to consider doing is attracting wild animals to the property. This will give your cats a lot to look at when they sit in or by the windows in the house. By attracting certain animals such as birds, you will likely introduce a lot of interesting sounds to your backyard because of all the chirping. This is perfect for your cats because they will get an opportunity to watch birds and hear their unique sounds from the comfort of your home.

If you want to do more than just attract birds, you may be able to invite squirrels to your yard with bushy trees that provide a place to climb and lots of natural shade to avoid predators.


When your cats want to take a peak outside, they may be met with visual obstacles throughout some of the home. If you find that shrubs and hedges are covering up part of the window view, you should not hesitate to relocate these plants or remove them if it is absolutely necessary.

Blockage is something that can also happen from trees when your cats would otherwise have an amazing view with lots to look at and stay entertained for many hours.


If you like the idea of giving herbs to your cats to make them feel better or happier, you may want to switch up the landscape by growing some plants for your feline companions. While the common herb to grow is likely catnip, you should be able to pick from all sorts of herbs such as valerian, dandelion root, and goldenseal that you can use in a variety of ways.

When you are not set on doing anything in particular with your landscape, you may want to take on projects that will benefit your cats. Considering some or all these projects and getting professional help is an excellent way to maximize their well-being at home. For more information, talk to companies like Bear Claw Landscaping, Inc.

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