Tips for Landscaping Your Yard to Increase Privacy

If you value your privacy, then you may not spend a lot of time in your yard if it can be seen from the street or your neighbor's property. A privacy fence helps, but it's easy to look over a fence, especially if your neighbor has a two-story house. A solution that is beautiful and effective is to landscape your yard for privacy. This may require more knowledge about plants than you have, so getting help from a landscape design contractor could be the best way to get effective results without having to wait years for plants to grow. Here are some tips for landscaping your yard for privacy.

Think About the Present and Future

You want privacy in a hurry, but you also have to think about how tall and wide the plants will get as the years pass. A landscape expert can help you choose the right type of plants when it comes to their expected growth. You'll probably want to put in plants that are already large rather than starting with small plants or seeds because you will have privacy instantly.

Consider the Design

While you want privacy, beauty is also important. Planting privacy hedges in a row against a fence might block your neighbor's house, but it's not very attractive. Instead, consider groupings of plants so there is a variety of sizes and colors and the plant grouping has depth. This type of design has a more natural look, and it can make your yard look professionally designed.

Keep Maintenance in Mind

You don't want to create an elaborate landscape design and then not be able to keep the plants alive. When you discuss your goals with a designer, let them know if you like to tend to plants and if you have good luck keeping them healthy. You may need instructions on how to keep the plants alive, and if you want to put in the least amount of work, ask the designer to use plants that can survive or even thrive with neglect.

Add Landscaping Features

Your designer can work with other elements to help create privacy such as using a trellis covered with climbing plants, putting in a vertical garden, or using raised beds or terraced areas that add height. These features add living beauty to your yard and they can increase privacy when planted near a patio or seating area rather than having all the plants lined against the fence.

When it comes to landscape design, you have several features to consider, and while privacy might be your main concern, you'll also want to think about things like lighting, walkways, and the types of flowers you want. A designer can help you choose plants that provide as much privacy as possible throughout the year, but you may also want seasonal flowers for a touch of color that makes your design even more beautiful.

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