Manage Your Own Vacation Rental? Get Tree Removal For Easier Upkeep

If managing a full-time rental felt like too much of a responsibility, you may have opted for running a vacation rental, which gives you the flexibility to accept or refuse guests at any time. Although managing both rental types have certain similarities, you will need to be more hands-on with the vacation rental by making sure the property is clean and always ready for guests.

When you notice that you are putting a lot of work into the landscape compared to the interior, you should think about hiring a tree service company to remove a tree or two from the yard.


A major concern that you may have is needing to water a tree so much for it to stay healthy. If you do not have an irrigation system, you may need to put a lot of time and effort into visiting the property and watering a tree to make sure that it does not become a visual burden.

If you do not want to install an irrigation system, you will find that one of the best solutions is to remove the problematic tree and plant a new one with does not need much watering. This is something that you can rely on when you pick from a list of trees that are native to the area.


Trimming a tree is a smart thing to do when you want to prevent it from looking unkempt or becoming a danger to the people who are staying at the vacation rental. For instance, you do not want a tree to grow long and brittle branches that are prone to snapping with a gust of wind.


In addition to watering, you may find that you need to show up to the property on occasion just to clean up the mess that a tree makes. Picking up a few leaves, twigs, and seeds is understandable, but you may not want the yard to look like a mess without constant effort.

Removing a tree with this problem will minimize the need to rely on routine landscaping service in which professionals come over to water the plants and clean up the yard. If you handle these responsibilities on your own, you will appreciate not having to visit as much for debris cleanup.

When you are willing to invest in tree removal services for your vacation rental, you should be able to minimize upkeep with confidence and success.

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