Meshing Your Boat Dock With Your Shore For Aesthetically Pleasing Outcomes

Have you ever noticed, as you are trawling along in your boat, that your neighbors' boat docks leave something to be desired? Maybe you noticed that your own marine pier construction is lacking in comparison to a neighbor's pier or dock? If you want to change how your pier or dock looks, there are marine construction contractors that can definitely do amazing things with your dock/pier to make it mesh with your shoreline and still stand out as a thing of beauty. Take a look. 

The Floating Gazebo and Small Boat Storage House

This is one such example where the contractor takes a land structure (i.e., the gazebo) and constructs it in the water and enables it to float. It is wildly popular because it gives owners the ability to sit out on the water, feel the lull of the waves, and enjoy a cocktail with friends without getting into a boat. When it is large enough, the gazebo doubles as a small boat storage "shed" by placing the small boat, kayak, canoe, etc., in the rafters of the gazebo overhead. You no longer have to pull the boat onto the shore and leave it exposed to wind, weather, and possible boat thieves because it is out of sight under the roof of the floating gazebo.

The "T" Pier

This is a combo boat dock and pier with boat hoists on both ends of the pier. Paint it any color you like with waterproof paint before it goes into the water, or ask the manufacturer to make it a custom color. Because it is not wood, it will never rot and be unsightly. If you own more than one boat, than this T-pier is perfect because it can lift and lower boats out of the water and store them above the water covered when the rest of your boats are not in use. It is quite impressive to behold. 

The Decorative Boathouse 

When you do not have a built-in boathouse, but you so want one, this is the option you are looking for. The contractor can approach this one of two ways. Either construct a floating boat house that runs parallel to the shore and is constructed to be quite decorative as well as functional, or build the boathouse into the shoreline. To do the latter, your contractor has to have enough shoreline depth and soil height to create this sort of "bat cave-like" boathouse. If your shoreline is too low and too flat, the other type of boathouse is your only option. 

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