Why You Should Have A Custom Deck Built Around Your Above-Ground Pool

If you're putting in an above-ground pool, then the next thing you have to decide is if you want a deck. A deck can make your pool more attractive, and it adds more space for lounging. Here are some reasons to add a deck to your pool and some tips to keep in mind.

Why An Above-Ground Pool Needs A Deck

If you have kids, you want to supervise them while they swim, and that's easier to do when there's a deck where you can sit and see inside the pool. A deck increases safety and allows your kids more time to play since you can be comfortable while you watch them.

A deck can also act as a pool gate to keep kids out when you're not around. Plus, deck steps are wider and sturdier than steps or a ladder that comes with the pool, and that makes it safer and easier for kids and seniors to access the pool area.

A deck provides plenty of room for lounge chairs, a cooler, and a place to hang towels. You can build a pool deck any size you want, and you can even make it multi-level if you want to access the pool from the second story of your home. This would provide enough room to use the deck for cooking and entertaining, too.

A deck is also fun for the kids since they'll be able to sit on the sides of the pool and jump in the water. A deck is always a nice addition to the backyard, and when it's wrapped around a pool, it's even better.

Tips For Building A Pool Deck

Since there will be a lot of splashing around the pool, you may want to choose an option other than wood. While water won't necessarily damage wood if you keep the wood sealed, when you choose composite wood, water won't harm it at all. Plus, with composite wood, you won't have to worry about splinters when the deck ages.

You may also want to discuss the method of installation with the deck contractor. In time, the pool will probably need a new liner, so when a deck is built around a pool, it's a good idea to keep that in mind. Have the deck installed in a way that the liner can be accessed and removed without having to saw into the deck.

Also, before you have a deck built, make sure the pool is in a permanent place. You may want to use the pool for a few weeks to make sure it's where you want it, because while it may be easy to move the pool, the deck is a permanent fixture in your yard. For more information, contact a deck contractor such as Affordable Services Inc.

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