A Dead Tree Is A Danger And Should Be Removed From Your Yard

It's pretty obvious when you have a dead tree in your yard. Its leaves are brown or missing, and the tree may look sickly. You'll want to have a dead tree removed for several reasons. For one, it's an eyesore that makes your property look neglected, but more importantly, a dead tree is a danger to your home and family. Here's why you want to remove a dead tree promptly and how a tree removal service can get the job done.

Why You Should Remove A Dead Tree

A dead tree is vulnerable in a storm. Even if the tree doesn't topple, decayed branches and limbs can drop in strong winds. If the tree is close to your house, it's an even bigger danger. Besides that, if a dead tree falls due to a storm and causes damage to your home, your insurance might not pay for the repairs since the tree should have been removed. Also, if the tree died due to an insect invasion or a tree disease, it should be taken off of your property quickly to prevent spreading the problem to other trees.

How A Tree Service Removes A Dead Tree

Dead trees can be dangerous to cut down when they're decayed and unpredictable. The tree service you hire may use a bucket truck to lift the workers to the top of the tree and other machinery to control the fall of the tree. Before the work begins, the tree removal service takes time to make a plan on the best way to tackle the tree taking into account its condition and the surrounding area. Removing a dead tree near your house takes careful work, but professionals have the experience and tools to work safely.

You'll probably want all of the tree removed from your property. Talk to the tree service about the suitability of using the tree parts for mulch, but if the tree is diseased, you may not want to spread its mulch around your yard. Also, ask about stump removal. Getting the stump out of the ground is also important when it comes to removing a dead tree, but that's often a separate job from having the tree itself removed.

When the dead tree is gone, you can reclaim your property and place sod over the area or spread grass seeds to fill in the spot. Some cities require a new tree to be planted for every one that's removed, so you may want to plant a new, healthy tree in your yard to replace the old one. Contact a company like Arborcare Tree Service today to learn more. 

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