Overwatering 101

Whether you have recently installed sod, planted grass seed, or updated your entire landscape design with shrubs, trees, and flowers, proper watering is key to ensuring success with your curb appeal. Although watering is necessary, excess watering can actually do more harm than good. With this guide, you will learn the signs of overwatering and how your irrigation system can help.

Signs of Overwatering

Most people are surprised to learn that too much water can be a bad thing for their lawn, shrubs, trees, and flowers. Fortunately, knowing the signs will help you prevent overwatering, reducing the risk of landscape damage while maintaining your investment.

Shrubs, trees, and flowers that are uprooting may be receiving too much water, especially early after planting. If you water too much, the soil around the roots will be too loose, preventing the roots from establishing themselves in the ground.

Fungal growth is also common if your shrubs, trees, and flowers are receiving too much water. If you notice a white or grey residue growing on the stems, foliage, trunk, or mulch/soil around the plant, there is most likely a fungal infection harming your plants.

Overwatering your lawn is also possible. You may notice rings of dying grass forming on different areas of the lawn if you have over watered for a long period of time.

Brown patches can easily form on lawns that do not receive enough water, but they are also common problems for homeowners who water too much. These patches not only decrease the appeal of your lawn – they will eventually cause the grass to wilt and die.

Preventing Overwatering

If you are experiencing constant rain, you may not be able to do much to protect your lawn and other landscaping elements from excess moisture. However, if the climate is dry, you can use your irrigation system to reduce the risk of overwatering.

To get started, inspect your irrigation system for signs of leaks. Check each irrigation nozzle to ensure they are working in the most effective and water-efficient manner possible. Muddy areas, excessively-green grass/plants, and slushiness around the sprinkler heads are all signs of a small leak.

Finally, make sure your irrigation system is operated by a timer to ensure your landscape is receiving an appropriate amount of water over a sufficient amount of time.

Help is available if you believe your landscape is receiving too much water. Call a professional for help with installing lawn irrigation today.

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