Quick Path Options For Your Landscape

Whether you simply like the charm of a path winding through the garden or you want it for completely utilitarian reasons, designing an attractive walkway can really elevate the appearance of your landscape. When it comes to building an attractive path, you have several options in materials. The following guide can help you choose the best option for your landscaping needs.


Concrete is by far the most common material used for sidewalks around a home, but it can seem a bit harsh in the garden. Fortunately, there are decorative concrete options that are better suited to a garden path. One option is to dye the concrete so it isn't such a drab gray. You can choose nearly any color, which means you can have a lot of fun with the path design. Stamping the concrete can provide further decorative elements. For example, dye concrete dark gray and have it stamped to resemble cobblestones. Concrete can be an inexpensive choice, but keep in mind it will be a week or longer before you can walk on it. Damages, if they occur, are also harder to repair on concrete.


Brick is a sturdy choice for pathways. You can opt for new brick that matches neatly or use reclaimed bricks from a variety of sources for a more rustic look. Bricks can be set in masonry and mortared into place. Although sturdy, it does add to the expense and makes it harder to complete repairs. Another option is to have the bricks set into paving sand. The sand may require periodic replacement, but this is a low-effort and low-cost task. Further, you can simply remove and replace any bricks that become damaged over time.

Paving stones

Paving stones provide perhaps the greatest variety of design. You can opt for perfectly cut and matching pavers for a formal look or go for slate, cobbles, or another more natural shape for a more informal or rustic appearance. There are even pavers available that have designs stamped on them that can be used as accent pieces throughout the path or as border stones to create a more pleasing appearance. Paving stones are typically set into sand, so they are just as easy to maintain and repair as bricks.

As you can see, the design and materials of your path are only limited by your imagination. Work with landscape stone services to come up with the design and material that will work best for your budget and design needs.

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