Are You Landscaping With Ease In Mind?

With spring already here, you are probably giving a lot of thought of what you will do with your 2019 landscaping. Maybe you love the look of a gorgeous yard, but you're not crazy about the amount of work that is needed to maintain that beauty. If that's the case, from selecting artificial turf to creating a hardscape in your yard, here are some ideas that might help.

Artificial Turf Installation - When you have been strolling in home goods stores, maybe you have seen huge rolls or artificial turf. If so, you might have thought that the artificial turf was so beautiful that you would like it right at your home. The fact that it was displayed on shelves, was probably an indication to you of how easy it would be to install the artificial turf yourself. Just load it in your car, unload it, and spread it out, right?

That might sound too easy to be true. In reality, it can be positioned on the area where you want the artificial turf to be installed. However, consider getting some help to do the job. After all, think of how heavy it will be just to lift it off the shelf. Of course, there will be somebody to help you load it onto a truck or a flatbed. In addition, think of having a helper or two to assist you when you are ready to unload it and to put it in place.

You may be surprised at how affordable artificial turf is. What might not surprise you is how gorgeous it will look and how easy it will be to maintain. Just spray the turf with your garden hose and it is clean. The artificial turf can be cut to fit any part of your yard, too. For example, if you have a scalloped concrete border for a flower garden, the turf can be cut exactly to fit that area.

Add A Hardscape - Besides the artificial turf installation, consider also adding a hardscape to part of your landscape plans. Bricks, flagstone, or concrete will all be good materials for the hardscape foundation. Besides being affordable materials, they will be easy to maintain and will last for an extremely long time.

Add interest to the hardscape by placing things like large rocks and pots in strategic places. Place flowering plants in the pots to give the hardscape color. 

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