2 Ways To Get The Lawn You've Always Wanted

If you are going to yank out your lawn so that you can replace it, there are several ways that you can do that. Which one you choose to use depends on a lot of things, including things like what kind of grass you want to have, what size your lawn is, and what your plot's topography is. 


One thing you can try is sod. Sod is precut grass that can just be placed on your yard so that it can eventually entirely integrate with your yard. The way that sod works is that it is grown elsewhere, and when it is harvested, the fields are first cut into long strips that are even in length. Depending on the farm, the strips may be then crosscut, ending up with squares of material in the field. Then another machine comes through and goes a little under the top of the sod and starts cutting it free from the ground underneath it. After that it is done, the grass can just be lifted up so that it can be placed elsewhere. One of the benefits of using sod is that you are going to have a nice, lush-looking yard immediately. One of the problems is that you are going to end up with a yard that looks like strips of sod were laid down until they grow together well. 


Another option is to try hydroseeding. This method uses a tanker truck filled with a slurry containing the seed, which is wrapped up in a protective paper coating, and a medium to allow it to be sprayed. Generally, the coating and the medium are dyed a particular color. This allows for the operators to see where the seed has already been sprayed so that it isn't double covered. The protective paper coating will keep the seeds from blowing away as well as keeping birds away from it. The coating also has fertilizer in it to help the seed growing while it is on your yard. That way, you will get the beautiful and lush lawn that you are looking for. One of the benefits of using this method is that it can be done much quicker than any other method. 

If you need to replace your entire lawn, there are ways that you can do that without trying to rip your hair out. Most of them will give you a nice, green lawn if that's your ultimate goal. 

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